Barcelona in a nutshell tour!

  • Destination: Barcelona

Enjoy our discounted 2hrs Old Town Tour!

Rezerwuj Zapytaj

Barcelona is an incredible city.  On the facades of the buildings you can find hidden stories and there are still the remains and marks of those who lived here long before us on the residential houses. Join our mid or full day tour around Barcelona.


In the area which until the mid-nineteenth century was surrounded by walls a lot of stories had taken place over the centuries and now those stories come to life with the guide’s words.

Check with us:

– Where Christopher Columbus was welcomed officially after the discovery of America,

– Which way  Antoni Gaudi walked, thinking about possible future projects,

– Where Pablo Picasso found the inspiration to paint the picture of the famous “The Young Ladies of Avignon”,

– Where witches were burned… And this is only the beginning because the city offers a lot more stories! We will take you on a journey through the past of the city, we will show you what is left of the former inhabitants of Barcelona: you will discover what they have built and why. We will learn some surprising facts about famous monuments. We walk down the streets, through an area that was established in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century and that was filled with pearls of modernism in several years. We will see the crossroads where it all began: there you can find the first four buildings of the new Example district designed by Ildefonso Cerda.

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Santa Maria del Mar


* Without visiting the interior of the buildings